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Network Services

From Active Directory enabled LAN to redundant SAN disk arrays, our Yoruba Networks team can provide what your business needs to help drive up profits while operating under a reasonable budget.  We can develop a basic network that allows you run your company with minimum effort from you and help pinpoint your business's weak point and how to improve them, thereby allowing you to focus on other areas of your business needs.  We possess an array of current tools and technology that will enable us to help minimize your cost while doing more with less. So if you're asking yourself, "where can I get help for my network systems?" or "I would like someone to run my IT department for me..but how?", let us manage your it services and reap the  long term rewards of a sound and effective IT planning. Our approach to your managed IT services is simple...delivering the five 9s (99.999% uptime for your network).

Web Design

The vast majority of SEO firms are not skilled in the design and coding of a website. Throughout the  years that Yoruba Networks has been in the search engine marketing industry we’ve  noticed quite a few trends; it's very difficult to find any design firm that has a solid background in SEO practices. 

Here at Yoruba Network Inc., we believe in the exact opposite approach, and our web designers are thoroughly versed in SEO guidelines and practices and are continually updating their knowledge with regards to current market trends. We truly believe the design and development of a website is the framework for good SEO. 

The graphic design of a website template can play a big role in getting visitors to convert.  Even so, conversions are an often overlooked part of the web design phase of a project when they should be a top focus. This is where Yoruba Networks has a big advantage over other SEO firms.

Our web designers are trained in advanced search engine optimization techniques, and have many years of hands-on experience with conversions.  There are many commonly used web design techniques that can in fact act as barriers to the search engine robots and search engine algorithms and hinder conversions. At Yoruba Networks, we have the experience to employ only techniques that will bring you a creative, state-of-the-art web design that will outrank your competitors and be a conversion creating machine.

SEO Services

Yoruba Networks has been putting small businesses on the map for quite some time now and has continued to lead the way when it comes to proper search engine optimization techniques. While most shops will use Blackhat SEO methods to rank their clients, we here at Yoruba Networks value the integrity of our clients' web presense and therefore utilize only legal and standardized SEO techniques for high page ranking and relevance. If you're concerned about your company's website visibility and search ranking, we will help make you choose keywords that you would like to rank high for and make sure you appear in top ten on top 3 search engines.